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Damon Piper

Senior Lender


Damon is in charge of commercial lending for the greater Peoria area, which includes Peoria, Eureka, Germantown Hills, Metamora, Morton, Pekin and Washington. In this role, he oversees a team of commercial lenders. He enjoys meeting with lending customers to share his expertise, answer questions and guide them through the lending process.

Originally from the Springfield area, Damon earned a bachelor's degree in accounting at Eastern Illinois University in 1993. He then worked for three years in public accounting before deciding to transition into banking. Damon concentrated on strengthening his knowledge and expertise by attending the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, Wisconsin, and by working as a commercial lender for several years. Damon joined Heartland Bank in 2006 as a vice president of commercial lending, and later was promoted to his current senior-level position. He has 24 years of commercial lending experience.

Damon is a member of the Peoria CEO Council, which brings leaders together to collaborate and formulate initiatives focused on developing the greater Peoria region. Serving as a part of this active leadership group, he enjoys contributing to the local area where a great many Heartland Bank customers live and work.

Damon and his wife, Krista, live in Dunlap with their teenage son. They also have two daughters who are attending college. When his children were younger, Damon enjoyed cheering on his daughters at soccer and basketball games, and he also volunteered as a coach for his son’s baseball teams. Now that his children are older, Damon fills his spare time by working out, playing golf and supporting his wife’s boutique business.