Farm Management

We’ll work with you to improve your farmland’s productivity and asset value.

The knowledge, skills and time required to produce high yields and high profits are very exacting in the ag industry. Budgeting, controlling costs, selling crops, collecting revenue and daily management are the goals of every farm owner, yet it can be difficult to find the time needed to keep up with all of these important functions. Experience peace of mind knowing your farm is being managed by experienced professionals.

Wide Range of Reporting

Personalized management with regular, easy-to-understand reporting enables you to enjoy your farmland investment. Our Ag Services clients receive many reports from our team. In addition to financials, grain sales and capital improvements, our clients also receive easy-to-understand planting and harvesting reports.

Farm and Trust Asset Management

Our experienced Agricultural Services Team is here to assist you in caring for your farm assets. The department also works with executives from other areas of the bank to provide trust services, investment management, retirement planning and estate administration.

Corn and Soybean Performance Results

Heartland Bank and Trust Company's Agricultural Services Department is reporting information from seven replicated corn and four replicated soybean plots from a wide area over Central Illinois. We are pleased to be able to provide our seed plot results.

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