Treasury Services

Making your money work harder for your business!

The cash management process can be described in three phases. By efficiently managing these phases, you can ensure that your cash flow will work at peak efficiency and provide the most to your bottom line.


Collecting funds in a timely manner is critical to managing cash flow.

The following services are available to help you streamline your banking so you can get back to business.

Remote Deposit

Let Heartland Bank bring the bank to you. Taking advantage of Remote Deposit allows you to eliminate unnecessary trips to the bank by facilitating check deposits from the comfort and convenience of your place of business. Remote Deposit is your simple, one-stop solution to electronically process and record check deposits.

Lockbox Services

Accelerate your receivables collection with our Lockbox service! Think of all you will be able to accomplish if you let us process your deposits for you. We even gather any information you need from remittance stubs or checks, format it, and make it available to you daily so you can upload it into your accounting software. This improves your cash flow, and saves time in accounting—while maintaining the quality of your records, and reducing the risk of fraud. You’ll receive credit for funds faster, decrease processing time, and reduce expenses.

ACH Direct Debit

Imagine the convenience of collecting payments electronically! Businesses that collect recurring payments electronically can experience savings by reducing and eliminating trips to the bank, processing fees, as well as printing and postage expenses associated with the mailing of invoices.

Merchant Services

Our Merchant Services makes it easy for you to offer customers a wide variety of payment options - from credit cards and debit cards, to gift cards and checks.


The ability to disburse payments quickly and efficiently to employees, vendors, and other parties is an important aspect of any business.

Make payments to vendors and direct deposit to employee accounts in just a few clicks by utilizing our online disbursement services. There’s nothing to print, mail or deliver!

ACH Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a cost effective and efficient way to handle payroll for employees. Our ACH direct deposit service is simple to use – and it’s convenient for your employees, no matter where they bank!

Employer Benefits

Reduced Administrative Costs: Decrease the costs associated with issuing payroll checks, replacing checks, and stopping payments of lost or stolen checks.

Less Potential for Fraud: Reduce the possibility of forged, lost or stolen checks.

Added Employee Benefit: Offering your employees a secure way to access and manage their money.

Employee Benefits

Money Immediately Available: Their pay is immediately available in their account each payday - no matter where they are. They will no longer need to wait for a paycheck.

Convenient and Efficient: Your employees will not spend time standing in line to cash their check, because the paycheck is in their account and ready to use!

Online Bill Pay

Pay your bills quickly and easily with our Online Bill Pay service!

Online Wire Origination

Heartland Bank's Online Wire Origination service is a fast, reliable and secure way to transfer funds domestically. No more driving to the branch and waiting in line for a wire transfer. With our service, you can do everything online right from your office.


Full-Service Business Funds Management at Your Disposal!

We provide businesses with the information and technology to view, track, and manage their day-to-day cash position. You can opt in for one or all of these services at any time when you have a Business Checking Account at Heartland Bank. Just speak with your Treasury Management Services team member today.

Commercial Account Manager (CAM)

Streamline banking transactions with high security standards! Commercial Account Manager gives online access to business accounts with added layers of security. Using a personal ID, password, and secure token (pictured), CAM verifies each user’s identity before account access is granted and allows monitoring of individual user activity. Viewing, reporting, and transacting privileges can be as limited or encompassing as necessary.

Transaction options include:

  • Account status review
  • Balance alerts
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Stop payments
  • Domestic wire transfers
  • ACH Direct Deposit/Direct Debit administration
  • Bill pay

Electronic Data Interchange Reporting

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments that come into your account may come with addenda information attached to it, such as invoice numbers, account numbers, or special instructions. Using Heartland Bank’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service, you will receive the remittance detail, allowing you to post your incoming payments quicker – saving you time and money!

Paid/Deposit Reconciliation Services

Reconciling a business account can take hours. Instead, save time when balancing your checking account with our Account Reconcilement Services. We can perform a full reconciliation for you or provide you with a report of checks paid or a listing of deposits by store or office location.

CD Statements

As a business checking or savings account customer at Heartland Bank, you have the option of receiving your monthly statement on a CD. The CD contains easy-to-use software that allows you to:

View, print, and save digital images of your checks, front and back.
Copy your statement into another software program, such as Microsoft Word or Excel.
Sort items by values, check numbers, or dates.
Search for items by values, check numbers, or dates.

Sign up by filling out and returning the Statement on CD Request Form.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention services from Heartland Bank provide businesses increased control over the safety and protection of their company’s personal accounts and information. These services save time by preventing the lengthy process of fixing fraudulent charges. Most importantly, they give you peace of mind knowing you can conduct business without fear of fraud. Discover all the ways Heartland Bank protects your investment.

Positive Pay

With the sophistication of today’s computers, printers, and scanner technology, it has become easier for counterfeit checks to be created. Adding Positive Pay to your business checking account can assist you in preventing check fraud by:

  • Catching a duplicate item before it can clear your account.
  • Discovering a dollar amount does not match the issued amount.

Using our Positive Pay service, your company electronically shares its check register of all written checks with Heartland Bank. The bank will only pay checks listed in that register, with exactly the same specifications as listed in the register (amount, serial number, etc.). If an item presented does not match, it will be considered a “suspect” item. You will then be given the opportunity to review any suspect items and make either a “pay” or “no pay” decision.

ACH Block

With our ACH Block service, you can place an all-debit block on accounts that should have no ACH activity. After a simple one-time setup, this service is automatic – saving you valuable time!

ACH Filter

For accounts that require taxes, payroll, or other preauthorized debits coming out, our ACH Filter service automatically filters out unwanted ACH transactions and accepts only authorized ACH debits designated by you in advance. If a debit is not on the authorized list you provide, we will notify you so you can decide to accept that debit or refuse it.

Sweep Accounts

Heartland Bank’s Sweep Account takes excess funds from your Business Checking account and ‘sweeps’ – or transfers – it into an interest-earning Investment Sweep Account. With the Sweep Account, you’re putting your money to work for you! You’ll also be able to transfer funds into your Business Checking Account as needed. There are several Sweep Accounts available at Heartland Bank:

Investment Sweep

This is our basic Sweep Account at Heartland Bank – yet it offers maximized earning potential on your idle funds. It’s simple: Once you hit the account cap, the extra money is transferred automatically into the Investment Sweep. If you’re not a Business Checking Account holder now, visit one of our convenient locations to get started!

Funds Management Sweep

If you have a line of credit (LOC), you can reduce your interest expenses by automatically transferring the excess money from your checking account to make a payment (special requirement may apply based on loan covenants). With this Sweep Account you can also:

Set it and forget it with Auto Pay recurring automatic payments towards your line of credit.
Set up Auto Borrow/Auto Pay for easy continuation of your line of credit.

Zero Balance Account

Consolidate balances from multiple checking accounts into one main account. A Zero Balance Account can be used as a disbursement account to issue checks, ACHs, or wire transfers. They can also be used as a deposit only account. Works well with an investment sweep or a loan sweep to increase interest income or decrease interest expense.

Account Analysis

At Heartland Bank, we provide all of the right tools to help you manage your day-to-day business operations. One such tool is Business Account Analysis. If you have multiple accounts, or one account with a high volume of transactions, you may benefit from Account Analysis! Here are just a few of the services offered through Account Analysis:

  • Calculates and reports your monthly activity charges to help you better manage your Treasury Management relationship.
  • Offers a monthly statement that summarizes monthly account balance and activity information.
  • Provides statements electronically through our Online Banking service.
  • Provides monthly eStatements for less paperwork.
  • Receive your statements faster. No waiting for mailed statements!

To learn more about our Management Services, visit your local branch or contact our Treasury Services Team today.