Brian McDowell

Commercial Lender


Brian McDowell, Vice President / Commercial Lender, has been helping customers with commercial and agricultural lending needs, coordinating mortgage, deposit services, and investment services since 2012. Brian’s previous banking experience includes serving as a senior loan officer, mortgage loan officer, loan review and credit analyst, consumer loan officer and more, that spans over 35 years in the banking sector.

Brian graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Business Administration degree. Additionally, he graduated from the ABA Graduate School of Agri-Finance and Banking and from the University of Wisconsin’s Graduate School of Banking.

Brian is active in his home community of Monticello serving as Director and Treasurer for the Monticello Regional Civic Center Foundation, Associate Director for the Piatt County Soil and Water Conservation District, and member of the Sullivan Chapter of the American Business Club. He has two sons, ages 26 and 29, and in his spare time enjoys running, hiking, and CrossFit.