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Stay Safe While Traveling This Summer

June 23, 2023

Summer is finally here! We want you to stay safe and have a good time when you travel. Here are some safety tips to take into consideration as you plan your big trip:

  1. Contact Heartland Bank's Customer Care Center (as well as any other financial institutions whose cards you plan to use on your trip) to let us know the dates and locations you’ll be away.
  2. Learn about any foreign country restrictions before you leave.
  3. Contact your financial institution immediately if your card is lost, stolen or stops working.
  4. Keep a record of all the cards in your wallet and the telephone numbers to contact should you have to report lost or stolen cards.
  5. Clean out your wallet and remove unnecessary items with personal information, such as your Social Security number and passwords.
  6. Save all your receipts for proof of purchase.
  7. Keep track of your cards and place them in a secure location at all times to avoid possible theft and misuse.
  8. Carry alternative funds and make sure you have enough cash for the trip. Don’t keep cash and cards in the same place. This safety tip prevents you from losing everything should somebody steal your wallet.
  9. Check your card to make sure it won’t expire while you’re away.
  10. Do not use your back pocket – it’s the first place any pickpocket will check. Your front pockets are a lot harder to steal from without being noticed.

This content is for informational purposes only. Readers should under no circumstances rely upon this information as a substitute for their own research or for obtaining specific advice from their own counsel.