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Personal Banking

The “Scammers Hall of Shame”

The Federal Trade Commission has issued an alert for a new scam for stealing from vulnerable familes, one which the agency believes should be in the Top Ten List of the Scammers Hall of Shame. The scammer impersonates a representative of the funeral home, and says that additional funds must be paid immediately or the funeral will be cancelled. “Can you imagine anything more despicable?” the FTC said in its announcement.

Retirement Readiness

A recent survey from the Nationwide Retirement Institute suggests growing anxiety about retirement among those in the last decades of their careers. Some 69% of those aged 55-65 agreed that retiring at age 65 “doesn’t apply to them.” 22% reported that in the last 12 months they’ve decided to retire later than planned. More than 40% believe that they will have to keep working during retirement to make ends meet.

9 Credit Mistakes That Could Cost You Money

Your credit history plays a big role in your financial life. Not only does it weigh heavily in determining the loan terms and interest rates you’re offered, but it can also impact other parts of your life, such as whether you get a job, an apartment or even a security clearance.

Five Factors That Impact Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a three-digit number that plays an important role in qualifying you for everything from loans and credit cards to apartment rentals and some insurance policies. It usually falls between 300 and 850 (a higher number is better) and its calculation has a lot to do with the five factors explained below.