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Six Mobile Check Deposit Tips

February 06, 2024

Heartland Bank remains committed to keeping your personal and financial information safe. Newly released data shows consumers lost nearly $8.8 billion to fraud in 2022, an increase of more than 30 percent over the previous year.

To help you stay informed, we have compiled the following list of Six Mobile Check Deposit Tips:

  1. Be sure the check is filled out correctly. Make sure the check is payable to you (or someone on your account) and make sure the numeric dollar amount matches the written dollar amount. Finally, make sure the check is signed by the check issuer. If these are not completed properly, your check will not be processed!
  2. Take a clear picture of the check. Make sure all four corners of the check are visible in the picture and be sure to place the check on a solid surface, so the picture is steady and not blurry. A bank won’t process the check if the account number isn’t readable.
  3. Keep the deposited check for 60 days. You may be asked to produce the deposited check at your local branch if there is an issue. After 60 days, however, you should shred the check, destroying any personal or account information.
  4. Sign the check. Don’t forget to sign your name on the back of the check and write “via mobile deposit” under your name.
  5. Never deposit a check from someone you don’t know. Be on the lookout for scams! If you weren’t expecting a check in the mail, it’s probably a gimmick or a scam. If you’re uncertain about the legitimacy of a check, bring it to a Heartland Bank branch.
  6. Double check the check! A deposited check can be rejected due to poor photo quality or missing information. You can also confirm that the money was deposited into your account by viewing your online account.

In addition to the Six Mobile Check Deposit Tips, IdentityGuard.com has a list of check deposit scams to be aware of. These include:

  • Overpayment Scam – someone overpays for an item you’re selling and demands money back.
  • Fake Stimulus Checks – someone posing as an IRS representative offers you the chance to collect a “missing stimulus payment”.
  • Mystery Shopper Scams – scammers impersonate legit market research firms that instruct you to deposit a check into your account for “payment.” They then instruct you to send a money order to another company.
  • Work from Home Scams – similar to the Mystery Shopper scam usually convincing new hires that they will receive checks to reimburse them for home office supplies.
  • Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams – this type of scam usually sends bogus checks to cover “taxes and fees.”

Visit IdentityGuard.com to see their full list of check deposit scams. And as always, if you suspect a fraud attempt, take no further action! Contact Heartland Bank for more information.

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