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Heartland Bank Donates for New Scoreboard in Newark

May 20, 2022

Heartland Bank and Trust Company through our continued partnership with Newark Community High School has sponsored the new baseball/softball scoreboard. We are proud to be a part of the Newark Community and proudly support Newark High School, the students and staff, as well as the local community.

Scoreboard installation was completed in mid April with a few minor items to finalize.

Photo included (In no particular order) Newark Heartland Bank staff, Sharon Wiesbrook, Sue Lilja, Jennifer Vandermeir, and Lisa Anderson are shown with Newark School staff, board members, and players Jason Carlson, Jean Fletcher, Josh Cooper, Melinda Chase, Jim Still, Edward Boswell, Mitchell Kruser, Tegan Kruser, Lucas Pasakarnis, and Cory Davidson.

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