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Homebuyers Assistance Options Guide

February 02, 2024

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a homeowner but think there are just too many financial barriers keeping you from the “American dream”, think again! The following is a handy homebuyer assistance options guide that can make your homeownership dreams a reality.

Why Homebuyer assistance matters

Homebuyer assistance options are designed to help you and your family overcome common hurdles to homeownership, such as down payment and closing costs.

Key types of homebuyer assistance

  1. Down payment assistance: The first hurdle for many hopeful homeowners is the down payment. Down payment assistance options can come in the form of a grant or low-interest loans to cover a portion of the down payment. Local, state, and federal programs may offer these types of down payment assistance. One example is the Downpayment Plus (DPP) grant.

  2. Closing cost assistance: Just like down payments, closing costs can be a financial barrier keeping you from the dream of homeownership. But with the Heartland Bank Home Matters Closing Cost Grant, you could receive up to $2,000 if you qualify!

  3. Affordable mortgage options: These options often offer affordable mortgage loans with favorable terms. For example, at Heartland Bank the Home Matters Mortgage Loan features flexible, low down payment options for income-eligible applicants.

Getting Started

To see what assistance you may be eligible to receive, contact Heartland Bank today! We can guide you through the process and offer you support and expertise to help you find the perfect options to fit your needs - and open the door to homeownership!

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