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Employee Stories: Hasan Samra

November 28, 2023

Hasan’s Perspective – Themes of Community and Career Growth

Hasan Samra is a Treasury Management Sales Representative for the Treasury Management Department at Heartland Bank and Trust Company. Hasan’s story with Heartland Bank started in 2016 when he joined our Western Springs office as a Retail Supervisor. He made the move from Retail to Treasury Management in 2021 and has experienced significant personal and professional growth while maintaining a commitment to community along the way. With much real-world experience and knowledge, Hasan is known for getting the job done while keeping his customers and peers happy.

Hasan Samra - Treasury Management

About Hasan

I am a compassionate and honest family man of faith that puts his family first and cares about his community. When I am not at work, I spend time with my wife, Marwa, three boys Afaneh, Ayman, and Ameen, my daughter Moonah, mom, siblings, and friends. I enjoy going to see my kids participate in practices, meets, and games—it’s the best! I also enjoy house projects, remodeling, and attending community events. I am involved with several community organizations:

• Vice Chair of the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WSCCI)

• Secretary of the Riviera Regal II Condo Association

• Treasurer of the Timbers in Palos Condo Association

• Finance Committee Chair for the Timbers in Palos

I take each volunteer role seriously and I always try my best. For example, when working through the Finance Committee, I use my finance background and my personal skills to work with community members to put together a balanced budget. Then as a Vice Chair of the WSCCI, I look for ideas to bring the business community together through chamber events.

Hasan's Story

I have worked in the banking industry since I was a junior in high school. Since then, I have worked my way up through all retail branch positions. On my way through each position with progressively more responsibility, I learned, taught, motivated, and promoted peers and associates. Before joining Heartland Bank, I owned my own Cell Phone Repair and Sales Shop for about three years.

When I decided to re-enter the banking industry, I found Heartland. The community feel and commitment to community service convinced me that this is the right employer for me.

Finding Your Career Path

My experiences in retail banking inspired my curiosity to learn more about how other areas of the Bank serve customers. When I was a Retail Manager, I worked closely with business customers and had many opportunities to join in on calls with my local Treasury Representative at the time. These opportunities motivated me to explore continued growth opportunities in the Bank.

For me, exploring career options meant:
• Asking peers, co-workers, and mentors questions
• Attending workshops
• Completing recommended courses in iDrive and on LinkedIn Learning
• Participating in Leadership Matters with Learning & Development

There are many professional development tools at Heartland that have helped me build a career here.

Professional Growth

Professional growth, learning, and mentorship go together. I have learned through positive reinforcement when doing the right thing and constructive criticism and feedback when opportunities for change arose. I also remember many times when others have helped me answer questions or solve problems. In management roles, I lead by encouraging positive behaviors and setting an example for associates. I have also had experience learning different areas of the Bank and seeing how other employees, teams, and departments operate. These experiences have been invaluable to me to learn about different jobs and opportunities at the Bank.

Heartland Bank’s Culture

Heartland Bank is community minded. The Bank is committed to adding value to the lives of customers and employees. I am personally driven to connect with the culture, especially when seeing a satisfied internal or external customer. In my current role, it is deeply satisfying to be a part of changes that help the Bank and our customers’ businesses grow.

Advice from Hasan

Speak up! Ask questions about opportunities. Back your words with actions around positive change and growth. Show, through consistent results that align with the
mission and vision of the Bank, that you add value to the Bank, to your department, and to your position.