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Employee Stories: Blade Parrish

May 21, 2021

Blade's Perspective – Professional Growth and Customer Service

Blade Parrish is a Tech Support Lead at Heartland Bank and Trust Company. Blade’s story started in 2017 when he joined Heartland Bank as a Retail Banker at our office in Normal and found his niche within Information Technology (IT).

Blade Parrish - Employee Stories

About Blade

Blade is a Tech Support Lead at our Support Services office in Bloomington. He has been with the bank since 2017 and has a certain knack for being curious about how something works and an impressive ability for troubleshooting. Blade is a valuable member of IT and has a reputation for taking his time with problems, providing a great customer service experience, and resolving the issues he is presented with.

Blade's Story

I remember spending entire days at the Normal Public Library searching for an opening with a company that had the right mix of reputation, location, stability, and career potential. In the end, Heartland Bank had all those qualities. I was happy when I was able to accept a position as a Retail Banker and begin building a career with the bank.

Joining IT

I have always had a proclivity for all things tech, and IT has been a great way to turn that knack into a career. My single favorite part of this field is that I am learning all the time. There is always something new to learn along with plenty of opportunities to apply that learning and build new skills.

Also, Heartland Bank has a very teamwork-oriented culture, and this kind of culture is very valuable when the going gets tough. I have always had access to people willing to help me and, in IT, I get to return the favor.

Valuable Resources

The number one resource that Heartland Bank has, in my opinion, is its people. In Retail Banking and IT alike, I have had access to folks with a wealth of knowledge and experience that has proved invaluable. Additionally, I have found LinkedIn Learning to be helpful, especially when I was starting out here – it helped me to quickly gain understanding of new concepts.

Job Fulfillment

My favorite part of my job has not changed since I started in 2017. Nothing compares to the knowledge that I have made someone’s day better, even if it was in a small way. What that looks like dramatically changed when I transitioned from helping external customers as a Retail Banker to internal customers in IT, but the feeling has not.

Supporting Growth and Development

The feeling I have towards the people I work with is one of gratitude. The managers and leads I have had at Heartland Bank have all been focused on development, whether it is professional development, technical/skill development, or both. I have also had excellent teammates here at Heartland Bank who have been supportive both in work and personal contexts.

Advice from Blade

I have two pieces of advice. First, never stop learning! Heartland Bank has a myriad of people and resources to help you. Also, learning enriches careers and lives so I would suggest taking full advantage of the tools made available. Secondly, always look for ways to leverage your knowledge and skills. Customer service and problem solving were skills I used and carried from Retail into IT and both have had a tremendous impact on how well I am able to function in my position. Build those transferrable skills and that will serve you well as you grow your career.