Heartland Bank’s Dan Short Earns Certificate from the 2022 Iowa Bankers Association’s Commercial Lending School

November 15, 2022

Dan Short, Commercial Lender at Heartland Bank in Coralville, has successfully completed the 2022 Iowa Bankers Association’s Commercial Lending School, where he finished in the top 10% of the class.

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About the Iowa Bankers Association’s Commercial Lending School

The Commercial Lending School is an intense one-week program sponsored by the Iowa Bankers Association. The purpose of the school is to prepare commercial lenders who have not been exposed to formal commercial lending education or lenders who want to broaden their commercial lending knowledge to serve effectively and profitably as commercial loan officers. This is accomplished by developing a better understanding of the economy and how it affects the lending decision; developing an understanding of how a business is structured and how it competes; developing an understanding of the role of company’s management and how to analyze and evaluate the management; developing a thorough understanding of and application of basic and advanced analytical techniques; and developing an understanding of relationship banking to meet and maintain multiple customer financial needs.

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