Recent Farm Sales

Check out the details of our latest farm sales!

Properties listed by Heartland Bank Agricultural Services include complete digital sales brochures. Data from other properties are included for reference.

Location Acreage Sale Price Price/Acre Sale Date Listing
DeWitt County, IL - West Part DeWitt Township 80 +/- $824,000.00 $10,300.00 11/16 View
Champaign County, IL, West Part Brown Township 199.66+/- $1,283,750.0 $6,500 10/16 View
McLean County, IL, Dry Grove Township 77.82+/- $860,000 $11,051 02/16 View
DeWitt County, IL, - Creek Township 80.0+/- $840,000 $10,500 01/16 View
LaSalle County, IL, Troy Grove Township 73.760+/- $663,840 $9,000 01/16 View

Martin G. Thornton, Illinois Managing Broker, Iowa Licensed Broker
Heartland Bank and Trust Co., licensed real estate broker corporation in Illinois and Iowa.