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Recent Farm Sales

LocationAcreageSale PricePrice/AcreSale Date
Mecherle Family Farm124.66 +/-$2,256,346.00$18,100.005/9/24
Brown Trust Farm - For Sale80.00+/-$1,440,000.00$18,000.004/15/24
Fortner Farm Auction159.11 surveyed acres$3,525,300.00$22,500.00 p/ac3/1/24
Newman Farm Auction120.0 +/-$1,920,000.00$16,000.00 p/ac1/19/24
AUCTION - NOVEMBER 17, 2023, Deterding Farm, Allin Township, S14, T23N, R1W, McLean County, IL153.656+/-$2,765,808.00$18,000.0012/18/23
AUCTION - NOVEMBER 15, 2023, Harmon Estate, Sullivant Township, S4, T24N, R7E, Ford County, IL165.04+/-$2,657,144.00$16,100.0012/15/23
Bishop Trusts, Santa Anna (N) Township, S15, T21N, R5E, DeWitt County, IL92.36+/-$1,653,244.00$17,900.0012/11/23
SOLD - AUCTION - AUGUST 31, 2023 - Alkire Family Farms, Township 13 N. & 14 N., Morgan County, IL287.33+/-$6,434,863.00$22,395.3710/24/23
SOLD - RECREATIONAL / HUNTING LAND FOR SALE - Cheney's Grove Township, McLean County, IL36.99+/-$140,562.00$3,800.009/21/23
SOLD - Danforth Henrichs Farm LLC, West Part Danforth Township, Iroquois County, IL158.65+/- surveyed acres$1,602,365.00$10,100.007/29/23
SOLD - Ives Trust Farm, Old Town Township, McLean County, IL40.65+/-$528,450.00$13,000.00 p/ac6/6/23
SOLD - Kaiser Farm Trust, Irish Grove Township, Menard County, IL122.43 +/- acres$1,677,291.00$13,700/ac5/15/23
SOLD - Kaufman Farm, Danvers Township, McLean County, IL52.36 surveyed acres$612,612.00$11,700.003/31/23
SOLD - TAS Farms Inc., Downs Township, McLean County, IL366.89+/- total acres in 4 tracts$4,459,948.00$12,156.09 p/ac1/31/23
SOLD - Bonar Trust Farm, Greene Township, Woodford County, IL197.85+/-$3,017,212.50$15,250.00 p/ac1/31/23
SOLD - Martin Sprague Trust Farm, Harp Township, DeWitt County, IL157.37 surveyed acres in 2 tracts$2,706,764.00$17,200.00 p/ac12/19/22
SOLD - Carol Davis Farm, DeWitt Township, DeWitt County, IL63.04+/-$794,304.00$12,600.00 p/ac12/15/22
SOLD - Ehinger Farms, Ogden & South Homer Townships, Champaign County, IL243.51+/- total acres in 3 tracts$3683375.00$15,126.1811/1/22
SOLD - Behrens Szymkowicz Farm, North Part Ogden Township, Champaign County, IL110.35+/-$2041475.00$18,500.0010/21/22
SOLD - U of I Foundation, Chapin Farm, Curran Township, Sangamon County, IL127.36+/-$1982328.60$15,565.2510/5/22

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Timothy L. Woods, Designated Managing Broker, Licensed Farmland Real Estate Sales.

Heartland Bank and Trust Company, licensed real estate broker corporation in Illinois.