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Important Information Regarding Your Account and Third-Party Apps

At Heartland Bank, your financial security is our top priority. That's why we want to make you aware of enhanced security measures we have implemented within your Online Banking experience. The next time you log in to Online Banking, the use of third-party financial apps that connect with your Heartland Bank account information will be more secure.

When you connect your Heartland Bank account to the third-party financial app within Online Banking, you will now notice a prompt to enter a one-time passcode to proceed. We will then send you an alert to confirm that you have initiated the request.

We have added this extra layer of multi-factor authorization protection to prevent any fraud that involves credential theft and this targeting of "aggregation tools" that act as the go between for third-party financial apps, like Chime® or Venmo®, and Heartland Bank accounts.

We know the use of these financial apps is convenient to you to make payments and manage investments. While this extra step involves a bit more effort from you, it's a small inconvenience compared to the risk of fraud.

Here are additional ways you can keep your personal information and financial data secure:

  • Use Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
    A security option that sends a text message with a one-time passcode each time you log into your mobile or online banking account.
  • Change User ID and Password
    If you don’t recall what apps you’ve linked to your account, change your mobile and online account ID and/or password to be safe.
  • Read Third Party App’s Fine Print
    Third-party apps’ terms and conditions may contain details about the responsibility of data aggregator and how information will be used.
  • Monitor Your Accounts
    Regularly check your accounts for unauthorized transactions.
  • Set Up Alerts
    Opt-in to receive account and security alerts via text or email for all of your bank, investment, and credit card accounts.

At Heartland Bank, your trust and security are important to us. We are committed to keeping your financial data safe while provide you the best service possible. If you have concerns or questions, please reach out to our Customer Care Center at 888-897-2276.

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