Funds Tracker

A personal financial management tool at no extra cost

Use our free customizable financial management tool to monitor spending and savings for all your accounts, no matter where they are.


Easily Track Your Funds

You can create and follow a budget, set goals, plan for retirement, and much more!

Add and Sync Accounts

Sync all your financial activity, including accounts from other institutions in one place for easy tracking! You can sync checking, savings, credit cards, loans, and investments.

Create Useful Budgets

Create budgets, spending targets, track spending habits, and more with our Funds Tracker!

Track Your Cash Flow, Bills, and Income

The cash flow calendar allows you to view your cash flow through an interactive calendar. Here, you can also add an income or bill. You can add the cash flow calendar to your dashboard for easy access.

Set Financial Goals

You can set, track and view goals. You can also add Goals to your dashboard for easy access.

Track Your Net Worth

The net worth option allows you to add up assets and debts for a real-time estimate of your net worth!

Create Alerts to Stay on Track

Create alerts to keep track of balances, updated on balances, transactions, financial goals, budgets, and more!

Tagging and Splitting Transactions

With the tagging ability, you can categorize each transaction. If one of your transactions has multiple categories, you can split the tags.

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