Deactivate Lost or Stolen Card

If you have lost your Heartland Bank card, or it has been stolen, the first thing you need to do is deactivate your card to protect your account. Please note, the card cannot be reactivated once it has been marked as lost or stolen.

Credit Card

To report a lost or stolen credit card, please call 844-448-0200.

Debit or ATM Card

The easiest and quickest way to deactivate your card is through your Online Banking service or Mobile Banking app. If you do not have Online Banking or our Mobile Banking app, there are several other options.

Deactivation Through Online Banking**

  • If you are already registered, log onto Online Banking.
  • Click on the Options tab at the top of the page, just under the Heartland Bank logo.
  • Click on the ATM/Debit Card Listing option at the top right, just above our address.
  • The next screen will display your card numbers.
  • Click on the Lost/Stolen box for the card you want to cancel and click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Verify you have selected the correct card number; the card cannot be reactivated once Submit has been pressed.

Deactivation Through the Mobile Banking App**

  • Log into the mobile app
  • Select the options icon
  • Select Manage Debit Cards
  • Select the debit card you want to Activate or Deactivate
  • An information screen will appear with information about deactivating
  • Select option, no action, activate or report lost or stolen. The card cannot be reactivated once marked as lost or stolen.
  • The new status will appear on the debit card screen

**Within seconds of clicking Submit, your card will be blocked from future use. Contact your branch or call our Customer Care Center to order a replacement card.

Other Deactivation Options

  • Call our Customer Care Center at 888-897-2276 and talk with a Customer Care Representative. You can deactivate your card and request a replacement card at the same time!
  • Call Heartland TeleBank at 800-749-8581. Select Option 3 from the Main Menu and follow the prompts. Then, contact your branch or our Customer Care Center to order a replacement card.

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