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Time to Rethink Password Security?

It's commonly understood that your password is your best line of defense against hackers and malicious software. What many don't know, however, is that the generally accepted criteria for passwords has changed significantly in recent years. Keep your data and information safe by familiarizing yourself with our recommended steps for optimal password security.

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Five Factors That Impact Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a three-digit number that plays an important role in qualifying you for everything from loans and credit cards to apartment rentals and some insurance policies. It usually falls between 300 and 850 (a higher number is better) and its calculation has a lot to do with the five factors explained below.

Passwords: Changing with the Times

It’s commonly understood that your password is your first and typically best line of defense for private data and information. Yet, reports show that more than 2 in 3 people reuse the same passwords across multiple accounts – one of the biggest “no-no’s” in the book!