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Stephanie Martin Joins Heartland Bank as Retail Manager

Heartland Bank and Trust Company proudly announces the hiring of Stephanie Martin as retail manager. Martin has 10 years of management experience, five as a regional branch manager for another financial institution. She will be located at Heartland Bank’s Farmer City branch at 333 South Main St.

Credit History Is More Important Than Credit Score

When applying for most loans, lenders will be sure to focus on your credit score – a three-digit number that plays an important role in qualifying for loans, credit cards, apartment rentals and more. However, your focus should be placed on something else instead: your credit payment history.

Seven Tips For Creating Stronger Passwords

You’re in the process of registering a new online account to make a purchase and have come to the point where it is asking you to provide a password for your newly created account. Passwords are your first line of defense against hackers which makes your next step, creating the new password, crucial to keeping your information safe.