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Business Retirement Plan Services

Why select Heartland Bank and Trust Company?

Heartland Bank and Trust Company delivers a full suite of wealth management solutions, including investment management and fiduciary services, to individuals and institutions. A special segment of our business is devoted to business retirement plans, whether they are defined-benefit (pensions) or defined contribution (401k, 403b, 457, profit sharing) or SIMPLE IRA’s. Listed below are some of the many advantages of the “Roadways to Retirement” program by Heartland Bank and Trust Company and our third party administration partners:

  • True open architecture on plan investments. The plan sponsor can select the strongest possible menu of investments, using funds from hundreds of fund families as well as a self-directed brokerage window option. Our broad flexibility of investments is a major advantage versus many other programs available in the marketplace.
  • Simplifying life for Human Resources. In combination with our TPA partners, we deliver comprehensive administration in lieu of “recordkeeping”. We receive a complete census file from clients each pay period covering all employees. This allows us to simplify life for Human Resources in a variety of ways.
  • High level of technical expertise and personal service. Qualified plan regulations are complex and constantly changing. We consider it our responsibility to know these regulations and to keep clients apprised of their options. Each plan is assigned an Advisor and a Plan Consultant, who are the primary contacts over the life of the relationship.
  • Fiduciary services from a Professional Trustee. This helps your retirement plan committee discharge its duties properly – including the selection and review of plan investments. Our comprehensive approach reduces risk for your organization and provides peace of mind. As a Trustee, Heartland Bank is held to a higher legal “Fiduciary” standard than many individuals and organizations in the investment industry.
  • A complete and multifaceted participant education program. Heartland Bank and Trust Company’s approach includes regular onsite meetings, one-on-one sessions and ongoing communication with employees during the year using a variety of media. People become truly engaged in their retirement journey when education needs are handled properly.
  • The latest technology and features. Our program features personalized rates of return, automatic account rebalancing, online fact sheets and prospectuses, a self-directed brokerage account option, an online “file cabinet” for participant and plan sponsor reports, and numerous other features. New features continue to be rolled out over time to keep our program on the leading edge.

Select the right solution for the future. Of all employee benefits, none has a more far-reaching impact on a participant’s future quality of life than their retirement plan. For that reason, it’s critical to select the most flexible solution. Heartland Bank and Trust Company’s “Roadways to Retirement” program responds to this key imperative.

We look forward to the opportunity to service your plan!

Contact Todd Jones, AVP and Retirement Services Officer with any questions you may have about our Business Retirement Plan Services.

Securities and insurance products are NOT deposits of Heartland Bank, are NOT FDIC insured, are NOT guaranteed by or obligations of the bank, and are subject to potential fluctuation in return and possible loss of principal.