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Employee Stories: Angie Serratos

September 28, 2021

Angie’s Perspective – Leadership and Community

Angie’s story started 15 years ago when she began her professional banking career as a teller. There, she quickly found her passion for creating great customer experiences as well as being involved in the local community.

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About Angie

Angie is Retail Manager at our 205 N. Main St. location in Bloomington, where she serves as a leader for both Heartland Bank and the Bloomington community. As a leader, Angie has played an integral role in the growth and development of her branch.

Throughout her career, Angie has successfully mentored many employees who have moved on to leadership positions within the bank. Those that work with Angie know that she takes pride in helping her team develop and achieve their professional goals.

Angie is a life-long resident of Bloomington-Normal, where she and her husband enjoy attending local events together. Angie also enjoys working outside on patio projects, hosting get togethers for friends and family, and swimming at her sister’s house in the summer. Angie is very active in the community and serves as a member of the Downtown Bloomington Association as well as Friends of the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts.

Angie's Story

In High School, I joined a work program called “Cooperative Office Education”. In the program, I started my first job working at Denny’s Doughnuts – a local Bloomington-Normal doughnut shop. I went from working the front counter to being an office assistant for the owners and I stayed in the role for 10 years before starting a career in banking as a teller in 2006 at the Bank of Illinois. Since Heartland Bank completed the acquisition of Bank of Illinois in 2010, I have had the roles of Retail Banker, Retail Lead, Retail Supervisor, and I have been the Retail Manager of the Downtown Bloomington office since 2018.

Acquisition Experience

Six years after starting my career in banking at the Bank of Illinois, we went through a merger with Heartland Bank. During that uneasy time, the Heartland team came into the branch to assist with trainings, system testing, and so much more. They were all warm and welcoming, putting my worries to rest. After meeting the team, I instantly felt like I was where I belonged, and I was excited to continue building a career with Heartland Bank.

Company Culture

What I love most about Heartland Bank is that even as we continue to grow and expand into other markets, the feeling of community never fades. Heartland Bank feels like a “hometown” bank, and we all have strong ties to our communities. Numerous employees have spent decades - sometimes their entire careers, working at Heartland Bank. I think that speaks volumes for the culture of this company.

Valuable Resources

Our Learning and Development Department offer many training opportunities that I take advantage of. I have also gained a wealth of knowledge through LinkedIn Learning e-courses. However, the most invaluable resource of all has been the strong relationships I have formed with my peers in many different departments. Heartland Bank has a team of dedicated employees that help each other learn, so we are always evolving within our jobs.

The managers that I have worked with have all played a vital role in my success, and that continues today. I am not only offered support and guidance, but also the tools needed for me to succeed in my role. I know what is expected of me, and who I can turn to for help when needed. This has shaped who I have become as a manager. I want to lead by example, so I offer my team the same level of help and accountability.

Meaningful Work

The customer experience has always been a top priority for me. I enjoy making each customers experience a great one. As a manager, my proudest successes are watching my team learn and grow. I have had opportunities to take employees that are new to banking and introduce them to teller work, gradually increase their responsibilities to further develop their skills, and then watch them ultimately move into leadership positions themselves. This is an incredibly rewarding aspect of my job.

Advice from Angie

I would recommend that anyone interested in advancing their careers to show a desire to learn and grow. Get to know your peers in other departments. Seek out a position that is both challenging and rewarding. Opportunities for growth seem endless with Heartland Bank, and the resources are at our fingertips to further our development.