Farmland Sales

Heartland Bank’s Farm Management Team has decades of combined experience in agricultural real estate. We’ve helped hundreds of owners get the best value for the land they are buying or selling. Expertise in all facets of farm management gives our accredited team the knowledge and ability to determine the right price for every parcel of land.

Buying Farmland

Our agricultural team has extensive knowledge of farm markets across the Midwest. That means we know what land will work with your objectives. We also know that whether you’re an operator or investor, those objectives may greatly differ. You’ll have an experienced partner no matter if you’re more interested in location, or historical rainfall patterns. A partner who understands the Ag market, how it has changed over the decades, and how that translates to the best time to buy.

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Selling Farmland

It’s obvious that over time market conditions can change – but so do your own needs. Do you want more capital to expand operations on your land this year? Are you looking to generate equity for the future? And are you prepared for the difference in investor and operator buyer needs? We’ll work together to ensure whatever action you take meets your plans, both current and long term. We do that in part with a full market analysis put together by our team, and spread the word with advertising recommendations that reach a huge network of qualified buyers. That way, you get the best price per acre for your land.

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Farmland Appraisals

The first step prior to buying or selling is determining the actual value of a particular piece of land. Markets change from year to year, depending on demand and the type of farm. That means information on the worth of that land is key to figuring out the best time to buy or sell. Our agricultural experts are happy to help you get an accurate appraisal you can trust in a timely manner. We use reputable services that factor in several indicators to get there, including sales comparisons of nearby properties and costs to maintaining and improving the land. You’ll know for sure that the number you get is a realistic value, encouraging you to move forward with confidence.

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Our Agricultural Real Estate team has decades of combined experience in agricultural real estate. Contact one of our team members to discuss buying, selling, or appraisal of farmland.

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Timothy L. Woods, Designated Managing Broker, Licensed Farmland Real Estate Sales.

Heartland Bank and Trust Company, licensed real estate broker corporation in Illinois.