Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management division helps you grow, protect and transfer your assets.

We deliver comprehensive wealth management solutions after gaining a deep understanding of your situation and goals. From financial plan development, professional investment management, risk management, retirement plan administration, and trustee services to ongoing farm management or agricultural real estate sales through our Agricultural Services group, we are here to help you gain greater financial security.

We also work directly with the not-for-profit recipients of local philanthropic efforts to manage foundation and endowment assets to optimize the impact they have on the community.

Investment Management

Our investment philosophy and the flexible strategy by which we implement it are grounded in logic, the accumulation of our experiences, and a deep understanding of how capital markets operate in practice – not theory.

Philosophically, we understand capital markets often fluctuate erratically over the short term. Therefore, we emphasize customized financial planning and harvesting the value of investment return streams over a long term investment horizon. We employ an objective strategy and do not have a predisposition to active or passive management; we believe portfolios comprised of both can add value when utilized thoughtfully. Our investment process is collaborative and begins with understanding the unique goals, objectives, and constraints of our clients. Once we gather this information, we formulate suitable strategies and propose a course of action. If understood and mutually agreed upon, we take action to execute the plan. Finally, we track the underlying strategy and make updates as needed.

Our portfolio construction process integrates strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation, manager due diligence, and the systematic structuring of assets in a tax efficient manner within various account types. While some clients’ goals can be met by utilizing one of our seven standard model portfolios, others require customized options. We welcome tailoring portfolios to unique situations.

Fiduciary Services

Heartland Bank is a full-service fiduciary with offerings in both accounting and administration. From asset acquisition to paying bills, we provide an all-encompassing financial service held to the highest standard of care and strict expectations of behavior. As your trustee we hold to the tenants of fiduciary duty, which among others, means it's our duty to:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Maintain loyalty to the trust beneficiaries
  • Remain impartial
  • Invest trust assets
  • Provide confidentiality
  • Furnish information
  • Openly communicate
  • Enforce and defend claims


  • Hold title, collect income, and maintain detailed records
  • Provide periodic statements including electronic access
  • Maintain asset acquisition and cost basis information
  • Furnish tax information to the individual or accountant


  • Administer according to the terms of the agreement
  • Pay bills
  • Make discretionary distribution determinations

Business Retirement Plan Services

Our turn-key qualified plan solutions include:

  • Trustee and Administration
  • Plan Design
  • Education and Enrollment
  • Investment Selection and Monitoring

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Securities and insurance products are NOT deposits of Heartland Bank, are NOT FDIC insured, are NOT guaranteed by or obligations of the bank, and are subject to potential fluctuation in return and possible loss of principal.

Heartland Bank and Trust Company Asset Management and Trust Services is not a broker/dealer. Equity and bond trading in customer accounts is transacted through independent broker/dealers.

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