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Employee Stories: Ryann Ethridge

June 21, 2021

Ryann’s Perspective – Professional Growth and Finding Your Passion

Ryann Ethridge is a Retail Lead at Heartland Bank and Trust Company. After joining Heartland Bank in 2016, Ryann was able to find a passion within banking and helping our customers achieve their financial goals. Through hard work and the support from her peers, she has grown her career, moved into a leadership role, and continues her education in Business Administration.

Ryann Ethridge - Employee Stories

About Ryann

Ryann is a Retail Lead at our Plainfield North office. Ryann’s positive attitude, her initiative, and her passion for banking is a great resource not only for her home office, but for our suburban region. During her time with Heartland Bank, she has shown dedication to not only learning the banking industry, but to our customers. Ryann’s genuine enjoyment of helping others is evident in her work and she is a role model to her peers.

Ryann's Story

I chose to apply to Heartland Bank because I wanted to work for a company that I could grow within and advance my career. Once I joined the team, I knew I made the right decision as I realized that Heartland Bank truly cares about their employees and customers alike. From the beginning of my career with Heartland Bank, I felt truly appreciated as an employee.

Professional Growth

When I joined Heartland Bank, I had no previous banking experience. However, I had experience in retail and customer service from past positions. Before joining the bank, I had been an Assistant Manager with my previous employer and that is where I found myself thriving in a leadership role. I knew I still had a passion for leadership and recognized that in order to advance my career into a leadership role again, I would have to learn the ins and outs of banking. After two years of hard work, I was promoted to Retail Lead in November of 2018.

Tools for Advancement

The tools that have had the largest impact on my advancement at Heartland Bank have been my peers and superiors alike. They have helped my advancement within the company by simply offering me their knowledge through experience and always being supportive of my goals. My manager is aware of my career goals and supports me by coaching and providing constructive criticism. I am currently in the process of working towards my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and I have had so much encouragement from my peers. I would encourage everyone to be open and honest with your manager about where you would like to be in your career. I truly believe that you can create your own success depending on how much you are willing to learn here at Heartland Bank.

Meaningful Work

We all know that life happens and sometimes we all require a little help. I pride myself in being a trusted financial advisor who cares about our customers and their banking needs. My mission has never been to sell a customer a product for the sake of selling. I strive to help my customers meet their financial goals – no matter how big or small. If I can make a customer’s life just a little easier by offering them a product or service, then I know I am doing my job!

Company Culture

Heartland Bank has a culture of benevolence and integrity. We have a phrase here that states, “We’re small enough to know you, large enough to serve you” and it is spot on. I have experienced how impactful Heartland Bank has been in our communities first-hand while working on the frontlines during a global pandemic and it makes me proud to be an employee of the bank.

Outside of Work

Ryann enjoys spending quality time with her soon-to-be-husband John, her dog Jade, and her cat Delilah. She enjoys health and fitness and has found a passion for working out and bettering her health. Ryann also enjoys researching astrology and learning about different planetary aspects and how they can relate to our everyday lives.