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If you haven't started a retirement account, now's the time!

Heartland Bank is here to help you with everything from your first retirement account to managing your portfolio the closer you get to retirement. From getting you started with an IRA to wealth management services, we can help you make the most of retirement. Heartland Bank is here for you every step of the way.

Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan with objective advice should be your first step in planning your financial future. Your financial plan should be about you, your dreams, and your priorities. Your goals are important, whether they are short-term or long-term. As life events occur, goals change and your plan should be updated accordingly. Choose to develop a comprehensive plan that will provide the strategies and guidance needed to help you achieve your goals.

We look at all of your financial needs as part of a bigger, interrelated picture and help you examine a number of important areas:

  • Assessing your financial situation
  • Protecting against financial crisis
  • Saving for education and major expenses
  • Investment planning
    • Assessing your level of risk tolerance
    • Understanding your investment objectives and time horizon
    • Developing an asset allocation strategy that's right for the situation
  • Retirement planning
    • Projecting retirement income
    • Estimating the value of other income and benefit sources
    • Determining that amount you need to save now to help meet future retirement income goals
  • Tax and estate planning
    • Teaming with your attorney to plan the orderly distribution of your estate
    • Collaborating with your attorney and tax professional to minimize estate taxes
    • Developing and implementing your gifting strategy

Roll your 401(k) into an IRA

There are many reasons to consider taking your retirement funds with you rather than leaving them with a previous employer. We'd be happy to help you decide which option is best for you.

  • Continued Tax Deferral
    • One of the biggest advantages of a 401(k) rollover into an IRA is that it allows you to continue the tax-deferred status you had with your employer’s retirement account.
  • More Investment Options
    • The investment options within your company's plan are determined by the plan administrator and the employer. With a rollover to Heartland Bank, you gain direct access to experienced portfolio managers who can provide a variety of strategies and options.
  • Personal Wealth Advisor
    • Our Wealth Advisors concentrate on understanding each client's unique situation, discussing short and long-term objectives, and then providing personalized solutions and ongoing support.
  • Simplification
    • Why juggle numerous workplace retirement accounts as you switch jobs during your career? Rolling over plans into a single IRA simplifies statements, consolidates performance reviews, and allows you to better organize your retirement portfolio by combining all your funds into one account.

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