Deposit Rates

These rates are effective as of January 1, 2022

Rates are for personal and business accounts only. For municipalities and other public funds, please contact us for a rate quote. We are not currently accepting other financial institution's deposits as business investments.

New Money Deposit Specials

Capital Money Market~¥

Only for new money to the Bank. $500,000 maximum deposit per account. For personal and general business investments; no bank or credit union investments. Please contact David Dudley in Accounting for rate quotes for public funds investments.

RateAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum to Open
$100,000 - $500,000**0.08%0.08%$10,000
$50,000 - $99,9990.06%0.06%$10,000
$10,000 - $49,0000.04%0.04%$10,000
Less than $10,0000.01%0.01%$10,000
**0.01% APY* on every dollar over $500,000

Standard Rates

Certificates of Deposit^

RateAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum to Open
3 Month0.03%0.03%$2,500
6 Month0.07%0.07%$2,500
12 Month0.10%0.10%$1,500
18 Month0.15%0.15%$1,500
24 Month0.17%0.17%$1,500
36 Month0.20%0.20%$1,500
48 Month0.25%0.25%$5,000
60 Month0.30%0.30%$5,000
18 Month Variable IRA ¥0.20%0.20%$100

Money Markets ~ ¥

Super Money Market

RateAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum to Open
$50,000 and Over0.08%0.08%$2,500
$25,000 - $49,9990.06%0.06%$2,500
$10,000 - $24,9990.04%0.04%$2,500
Less Than $10,0000.02%0.02%$2,500

Savings ~ ¥

RateAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum to Open

Checking ~ ¥

RateAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum to Open
50+ Free Interest Checking0.02%0.02%$50
VIP Free Interest Checking0.02%0.02%$50
Business Checking with Interest0.02%0.02%$50

Capital Interest Checking & HSA Checking

RateAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum to Open
$25,000 and Over0.07%0.07%$50
$10,000 - $24,9990.05%0.05%$50
$2,500 - $9,9990.03%0.03%$50
Less Than $2,5000.02%0.02%$50
See account disclosures for additional account information
*APY: Annual Percentage Yield
~Fees could reduce account earnings
¥Rate may change after account opening
^A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal

Terms and Conditions

CD Interest

Interest is compounded and credited quarterly on all certificates of deposit with the exception of the 3 month, which is credited at maturity.

CD Early Withdrawal Penalty

Term of 0 to 90 days: lesser of 30 days of interest earned on amount withdrawn or 100% of accrued interest.

Term of 91 days through 12 months: penalty equal to 90 days interest.

Term of more than 12 months up to 36 months: penalty equal to 180 days interest.

Term of 36 months or more: penalty equal to 365 days interest.