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Employee Stories: Erin

December 04, 2020

Erin's Perspective - Support and Career Advancement

Erin Guest is a Human Resources Lead at Heartland Bank and Trust Company. Erin's story with Heartland started in the Customer Care Center. She took advantage of Heartland Bank’s many resources for career advancement in transferring to the Human Resources department.

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About Erin

Erin is a Human Resources Lead at Heartland Bank. In six years with the bank, Erin has worked in Customer Care, Commercial Lending, and Human Resources.

Outside of work, Erin enjoys crafting, reading mystery books, and listening to true crime podcasts. She keeps busy studying for her Human Resources master’s degree at the University of Illinois. When not studying, Erin enjoys hanging out with her husband (Sam), two dogs (Payton and Cali), and visiting family in Schaumburg.

Erin's Story

There are many advantages to Heartland that I was drawn to, but I applied at Heartland Bank because of its reputation in the community. Even though it is a large bank offering national bank features, it is still community oriented and treats its customers like family.

Human Resources has always been an interest of mine because I studied Psychology at Illinois State University. I have found Psychology and Human Resources to align well. I am so glad I applied to the Human Resources department because I feel like I belong the most here. In fact, because I have found so much joy in HR, I decided to continue my education by earning my master’s degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations.

Tools and Resources

I have used many tools and resources that would help with my advancement at Heartland Bank. I love that the bank offers us LinkedIn Learning. This has been the most beneficial to me because it is up-to-date and offers an abundance of information. LinkedIn Learning has been helpful in becoming a more well-rounded employee.

Employee Support

My extremely supportive managers and co-workers are some of my best resources. I have always felt comfortable asking them for their feedback regarding my professional development and new opportunities. Their collective support is a big reason why I decided to return to school.

Company Culture

Heartland has a compassionate culture. I have seen this firsthand in my time with Human Resources. Our company helps both its customers and employees, more so now than ever due to the recent world events. The bank goes above and beyond to show they truly care about their employees.

My Advice

I encourage anyone to apply at Heartland Bank, whether they are at the beginning of their career or advancing their career in the bank! Apply for a position you believe you are a good fit for. I did not have any commercial loan or human resources experience when I applied to these departments. I am thankful Heartland Bank saw my potential and gave me a chance. Because I continue to have a positive experience at Heartland Bank, my goal is to help my peers have a similar professional and personal experience. I look forward to not only continuing to grow as a Heartland Bank employee, but helping others grow as well!