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Our team has put together a collection of helpful and informative articles regarding wealth management.

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IRS Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

To make it possible for voluntary retirement savings to keep up with inflation, the various numerical limits embedded within qualified retirement plans are indexed for inflation.

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Domicile and Taxes

As far as the taxing authorities are concerned, you can’t just declare where you want to be taxed.  

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Of Charities and IRAs

A popular charitable giving tax break has been made permanent, one that has been dubbed the “charitable IRA rollover.”  

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The Yield Curve

Question: What is the “yield curve”? What does it tell us? Does the Federal Reserve Board control the yield curve? How do I take the yield curve into account in shaping my portfolio? Answer...

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Taxes and Living Trusts

Question: How much can I save on my income taxes if I put my investments into a living trust? Answer...

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529 Plans: Advanced Questions

During the presidential primary campaigns, the cost of higher education and the burden of education loans upon recent graduates has been a recurring theme.

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Portability Extensions

My spouse died a year ago, leaving me an estate worth several million dollars. Because the estate was less than the federal exemption amount, no federal estate tax was filed. Is that a problem?

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Are You a Living Trust Candidate?

Any comprehensive review of an older person’s financial planning is likely to touch upon the value of a revocable living trust for investment management.

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12 Reasons to Review Your Will

Creating a will and an estate plan is not a “one and done” event.

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The New Fiduciary Rule

Ever since the meltdown of the financial services industry in 2008, there has been concern about the standards to which investment advisors should be held. 

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Q & A on IRA Rollovers

The IRA rollover is a critical tool for preserving retirement capital.  Here are some questions that we’ve heard regarding this area.

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Think Hard Before Tapping Your 401(k) Balance

One of the features that make 401(k) plans so attractive is that your money is not completely out of reach should an emergency need arise.

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The Trouble With Powers of Attorney

Reportedly the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease among those 85 and older is about 47%. This population needs help with financial management. Perhaps the most common tool to permit a family member to assist with handling an elderly person’s assets is the power of attorney.

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Inheritance Protection Plan

Thoughtful planning may create a lasting legacy.

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Amateur Trustees

More and more affluent families are turning to trust-based solutions for their wealth management and inheritance problems. However, a trust is only as good as its trustee.

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