Remote Deposit Calculator

What can you save when you deposit checks from your desktop? Use the calculator below to estimate how valuable a 24/7 bank branch in your office can be to your business.

To use this calculator, just fill in the fields below and click the Calculate button.

Hourly Wage: Enter hourly wage of employee or owner who takes deposit to the bank.
per hour
Total Time Enter time spent preparing deposit + round trip time to travel
to bank + wait time for transaction to be completed at the bank (in minutes)
Fuel Cost Enter current gas price (per gallon)
per gallon
Vehicle MPG Enter fuel economy of vehicle used to make trips to the bank. (MPG)
Round Trip Enter round trip distance from your business to the bank and back.
Deposits Enter how many trips to the bank are made each week

Your Annual Costs

Fuel: $

Labor: $


Remote Deposit is the easiest way to deposit checks, and helps save resources you can use to grow your business! Watch our online demo to see how Remote Deposit works, or call our Treasury Management team for details toll free at 1-888-897-2276.