EMV Chip Card Payments

What is EMV and how are EMV cards used?

EMV, or EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa, is a fraud-reducing technology that can help protect issuers, merchants and consumers against losses from the use of counterfeit, lost or stolen payment cards in card-present transactions. EMV chip cards are outfitted with an embedded microprocessor (chip) that creates a unique transaction code that cannot be used again, thus making it more difficult for fraudsters to access, copy or steal the card data information.

How does EMV benefit my business?

  • Offers more robust card authentication to protect against counterfeit, lost or stolen cards
  • Reduces financial loss and potential legal issues
  • Accept foreign cards that are already EMV chip-enabled
  • Offers peace-of-mind for today’s customers wanting convenient and safe payment methods

Prepare your business to start accepting EMV chip card payments today!

The best time to begin preparing your business for the EMV transition is now. A full range of EMV chip-enabled terminals and merchant service solutions are available to meet your unique business needs. To learn more about EMV and our other merchant services solutions, please visit Security Card Services

If you have any questions concerning EMV or your current merchant services account, please feel free to email treasurymanagement@hbtbank.com, speak with your local banker or call 866-963-3243.