Opt In Protection

Because you want protection and peace of mind.

At Heartland Bank, we understand that life happens. That’s why we offer our customers services that keep them protected while giving them peace of mind. With Opt In Protection, you are ensuring your debit card still works in situations when your funds are low. Whether there’s an emergency, unexpected bills or you simply forgot to check your account that day, Opt In Protection keeps you covered.

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How Does Opt In Protection Work?

When Heartland Bank issues you a debit card, the Federal Reserve requires you to either allow or deny us the authorization to apply overdraft services when necessary. By opting in, you are allowing us to cover any insufficient funds you have anytime you are purchasing something. 

If you don’t opt in, your debit card will be declined when you don’t have enough money in your account – whether you’re making a purchase or a withdrawal at an ATM.

Learn more about Federal Reserve rules.

Opt In Protection FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Opt In Protection at Heartland Bank:

Why should I opt in?

By opting in, you are saying yes to peace of mind. Although you may never need to use the service, it’s important to have that protection in place in case you ever need it. Another good part about opting in:  you won’t be charged unless you use the service.

Does opting in mean I’ll pay overdraft fees?

You won’t be charged if you don’t overdraw your account. Opting in simply means your card won’t be declined if you don’t have enough money to make a purchase. That can be very useful in situations like an emergency. However, if your account is overdrawn, you may be subject to overdraft fees

How do I opt in?

Sign up by filling out and returning the Opt In Protection Form.

For a full list of the most commonly asked questions, check out our Opt In Protection FAQ

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*Heartland Bank’s overdraft service is provided at our discretion to qualified accounts. There is no charge unless you use the service.