Hometown Banking Benefits

Small businesses benefit from banking locally!

Heartland Bank is proud to serve the communities we’re a part of, which is why every decision we make is based on you: our customers. We want to see your small business succeed, and that means offering you the benefits, services and face-to-face communication you deserve.

So why should you turn to your hometown Heartland Bank? Because the decisions you rely on us to make – those big moments and investments in your life – are made by those of us who know your community and business. 

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Local Decisions

Our loan decisions aren’t made by some computer in a corporate office, or a stranger who doesn’t know your name or your story. They are made by those of us who live in the same community as you, who know your business, and know you. Simply put, we want to help you reach your financial and personal goals. And we do that by immersing ourselves into all of the local communities we serve.

Fiscal Responsibility

You expect your bank to be responsible, and that’s exactly what we do. By making the right banking decisions, Heartland Bank weathered the storm of the economic crisis. We believe in putting our customers’ needs ahead of our own, which is how we have remained strong during the turmoil of the banking industry.

The Right Experience

Our business bankers consult with business owners, spend time at their offices and assess their companies’ deposit, credit and cash management needs. Our team then comes up with a valuable plan to help you and your business thrive. We have the knowledge, tools and community investment to help you reach your business, financial and personal goals.


Community is at the center of everything we do.  That’s why Heartland Bank takes pride in serving our communities and volunteering for various organizations. By doing that, we’re not only getting to know our customers, but we’re investing dollars back into those who invest in us. Our employees are proud to support various organizations, including:

  • Local Schools: Through our Spirit Debit Card program, we’ve raised more than $12,000 for local schools. Each time someone designs their personal or business debit card with a school design, we donate $5 do that particular school. We’ve had a record number of customers sign up for this service, having a big impact on our local schools and communities.
  • Community Organizations: Each Heartland Bank Branch takes pride in coming up with creative fundraising activities. Through our efforts and support of our communities, we have raised more than $77,000 to help local organizations that are supported by United Way.
  • Youth Athletics: Heartland Bank loves seeing our local schools thrive, which is why we dedicated our time and efforts into helping Somonauk High School in Somonauk, Illinois get a brand new scoreboard. We are extremely honored to lend a helpful hand in order to see students, teachers, parents and fans grow. 

Dedicated Service

We continue to develop new products and services to help our clients achieve their personal and financial goals. More than just a place to open a Business Checking Account, we offer a complete line of Commercial, Treasury and Wealth Management services to ensure you get the personal banking touch you deserve.

  • Commercial Services: With our Commercial Account Manager, managing your business finances can become the easiest part of your job. View your statements, pay bills, manage your payroll, and get fraud prevention all in one place. Feel at ease knowing your small business is in the hands of a trustworthy bank, so you can continue chasing your dreams.
  • Treasury Services: We want your small business to thrive, which means making sure your cash flow is in line. Our Treasury Management Services Team will help you develop a three-phase strategy based on your company’s financial needs – all to keep your business thriving.
  • Wealth Management: Once we help get your small business finances in order, it’s time to start planning for the future. Investments, assets, retirement planning – we help every step of the way with our Wealth Management Services. That means we’ll not only help get you started, but we’ll also be right by your side as your business continues to grow.


To learn more about Small Business Banking, visit any of our convenient locations today, or give us a call. 

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