Phishing E-Mail and Call

Phishing attacks can be made by email as well as through unsolicited telephone calls. Unsolicited email containing errors should always raise a red flag, especially if combined with a call to action, such as calling a toll-free number or clicking on a link.

If you are a customer who called a fraudulent toll-free number in response to an email or phone call and gave your account or other identifying information, please call the customer care center at 1-888-897-2276 or your local Heartland Bank office.

If you are a merchant account and provided your merchant ID during a fraudulent call or in an email, please call the customer care center for First Data (1-877-273-8191) so that First Data can help you monitor for fraudulent activity on your account. You can also report suspicious activity at*.

Phishing attempts may also be reported to the FDIC at

*This e-mail link is for general inquiries only. It is not secure e-mail. For your protection, please do not include confidential or sensitive information such as social security numbers, account numbers, etc. when using this e-mail link.