Top Gifts for Everyone on Your List – at Every Price Range

November 24, 2021

Surprise your friends and family this year with holiday gifts they’ll love. Take a look at our list of gift-giving ideas for everyone on your list to make seasonal shopping a breeze.

For Mom

$ Essential oils – Mom can make home smell amazing with a set of therapeutic essential oils. Popular scents include lavender for restful sleep and peppermint for energy.

$$ Succulent plants – It's too cold to garden outside, but the inside of your house is perfect for these elegant, low-maintenance plants!

$$$ Activity trackers – Mom can stay on top of her health while still looking stylish. Classy wearables are available from top designers including Michael Kors and Tory Burch.

For Dad

$ Wallet tool cards – Make sure he’s prepared for any situation with this handy all-in-one gadget that fits neatly in most wallets and commonly features tools such as a screwdriver, wrench, bottle opener and more.

$$ TV streaming services – With a variety of streaming options, you can give the gift of nonstop entertainment.

$$$ Insulated coolers – The premium option for Dad’s camping and fishing needs, high-end insulated coolers are heavy duty, high performing, and come in a range of colors and configurations.

For Kids

$ DIY board games – Take a classic game like chutes and ladders, or checkers, and let your child personalize it with stickers, colors, and more.

$$ Creativity Cans® – These teaching craft kits develop children’s creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

$$$ Bean bag chairs – You’ll wonder what your kids ever did without this oversize lounger! Beanbags come in dozens of colors and can be shaped to sit or lie any way you like.

For Teens

$ Personalized notebooks – Pair a customized notebook with a set of art pens to give any teen or tween a fancier way to journal or doodle.

$$ Bluetooth speakers – Make sure your teens have their music wherever they go with wireless speakers that connect to music on a phone or laptop.

$$$ Premium backpacks – For any stylish student, a backpack to match is a must! Many high-end, designer brands sell multi-functional backpacks that come in plenty of styles and colors.

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