Teacher Gifts for Any Budget

September 17, 2019

Show appreciation for the teachers in your life with a gift they’ll really love. Check out this list of gift ideas that work with any budget.

  1. A gift card to a local breakfast or coffee shop. Teachers are busy, and their day starts early. Give them something that lets them fuel up on the go.
  2. Personalized pencils. Teachers have their pencils stolen all year, but personalization makes them easier to track down.
  3. A personal laminator and/or laminating sheets. Personal laminators aren’t nearly as expensive as they used to be, but they’re one of those luxuries that teachers may not want to indulge in for themselves if their school has a communal one. If your teacher does have their own, consider getting them some extra laminating sheets to have on-hand.
  4. Lunch. Most teachers bring their lunch from home or grab food from the cafeteria. Ordering from a local restaurant is a major treat! Consider pooling resources with other parents and buying lunch for all the teachers in your child’s grade.
  5. A night out. Between teaching their classes, grading assignments, and any after school activities they help with, teachers are busy. Give your favorite teacher a gift card for a nice restaurant or movie theater and give them an excuse to get out for a night.
  6. A meaningful card or note. Do you have a teacher that’s really helped you? Tell them! Letting a teacher know that they have changed a student’s life for the better is priceless.
  7. School supplies. It’s no secret that many teachers stretch their own budgets to keep their classrooms supplied. Help them out by bringing in extra notebooks, pencils, or tissues. Many teachers even have wish lists on sites like Amazon so that you can get them exactly what they need.
  8. Treats that will keep. Most of the time, teachers tend to get a lot of gifts all at one or two times in the year. While many teachers enjoy getting some treats, they can’t all be eaten at once. If you’d like to indulge your teacher’s sweet tooth, consider bringing in treats with a longer shelf life, or even an easy-to-make mix.
  9. A gift basket. Get your student involved and build a gift basket! You can incorporate several ideas from this list and play to the individual interests of the teacher you have in mind. The key is to make sure that usefulness always outweighs style.
  10. Your time. This gift doesn’t cost a dime but is immensely valuable. Offer to stick around after class to help clean up or reorganize, especially after a classroom party or at the end of the semester.

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