Summer Fun Close to Home

June 08, 2020

You don't need to go far to give your kids a summer to remember. Try the tips below to save on travel time and your budget!

Skip the Theater

Rent or borrow movies, make a ton of popcorn (microwave or homemade), and sit the whole family down in their comfiest pajamas to watch. For a bit of extra fun, look into reusable, retro-style popcorn tubs!

Explore the Outdoors

Most national parks have “discount days,” and most state parks are free! Let the kids help pack a picnic with some of their favorite foods and make a full day out of it.

Get Creative

Make masterpieces and memories by setting up crafts throughout the summer. Whether it’s drawing, painting, or making salt dough sculptures, the results will be fun for all. If you ever run out of ideas, sites like Pinterest will always have more – and most are free!

Count it Down

Are your kids looking forward to something? Make it more interactive by making a paper chain – one link for each day – and let them cut off a link each morning until the big day.

Become Treasure Hunters

Set up a scavenger hunt around your house, yard, or neighborhood, and give a prize when all items are found. Or, skip the setup and look into geocaching in your area.

Reward Good Work

Make a list of chores for each week, and reward completion of the list with a trip to your local ice cream shop, choosing dinner, or getting to pick the movie for family movie night. This will keep your kids motivated and your home clean!

Keep it Simple

On a hot summer day, sunscreen and cool water can be all that you need. Check out dollar stores for inexpensive sprinklers, water guns, freezer pops, and more.

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