Heartland Bank and Trust Company supports Lincoln and Clinton schools with “Spirit design” debit cards

May 19, 2022

In support of the Lincoln and Clinton School Districts, Heartland Bank and Trust Company is proud to offer customers the option to choose to showcase the Lincoln Railsplitters or Clinton Maroons design on their debit cards.

More than just a custom card design program, the Spirit Debit Cards also support local schools. “Heartland Bank is proud to offer Spirit Debit Cards,” said Fred Drake, Chairman and CEO.

This option will allow customers to select the school design of their choice such as the Railsplitters or Maroons for a cost of $10. With each debit card ordered, Heartland Bank will donate $5 back to Lincoln or Clinton schools.

“We are always looking for ways to support our communities,” said Fred Drake, Chairman and CEO. “Heartland Bank is excited to offer this new customized option to our customers and financially assist the school at the same time.”

A standard debit card is still available without customization at no charge. Customers can order this option by visiting their local Heartland Bank offices. The full list of participating schools is available on the Heartland Bank website.

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