How to Host a Budget-Friendly Backyard Barbeque

April 18, 2020

It’s time to eat, grill and celebrate the summer season! But don’t put too much cash toward your backyard bash.

Check out the tips below for simple ways to save on your summertime soirée:

Ask others to chip in.

Consider asking your guests to bring their own beverage, a side dish or even their own camping chair. They’ll most likely be glad to contribute!

Forgo fancy meats.

Instead of trying to wow your guests with lobster or filet mignon, opt for more affordable options – like hot dogs and hamburgers. These classics can be a whole lot of fun when paired with a spread of toppings and condiments – there’s a reason they’re so popular!

Purchase in-season produce.

Seasonal fruits and veggies are not only easy on the wallet, but they also boast superior flavor.

Do your own chopping.

Sure, it’s extremely convenient to buy pre-cut foods, but the added convenience comes with added costs. Save money by doing the chopping at home.

Go cheap on decorations.

Place leafy branches from your yard in leftover wine or soda bottles to dress up your table without spending a dime.

Skip paper plates and plastic utensils.

If possible, serve guests with your regular dinnerware. The extra cleanup will be well worth the savings.

Happy hosting!

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