Celebrating in the Age of Social Distancing

October 23, 2020

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are just around the corner! Check out our 5 tips on celebrating in the age of social distancing.

Go Virtual

Invite friends and/or family to “gather” on Zoom, Webex, FaceTime, or another video chat program. If you have a student in your family, they may have access to a paid account to host longer meetings with more people. If not, the cost of a single paid license should be accounted for in your holiday budget.

Keep Favorite Dishes on the Menu

Porch drop off and recipe sharing can ensure that everyone still gets their favorite foods on Thanksgiving.

Hold a Mask Decorating Contest

Ask everyone in your group to decorate a mask for the occasion, then vote on the best one. The winner could receive a virtual prize like a gift card, or just get bragging rights for the year.

Have a Movie Marathon

Several streaming services like Netflix now have a feature where multiple devices can join a watch party and watch a movie or TV show all at once. Enjoy a family-favorite movie with a digital twist.

Remember What Can Stay the Same

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade will still be broadcast, outdoor walks are still fair game if the weather holds out, and you'll still be sleepy after eating all that turkey. We don't need to disregard all our traditions this year, just think about how to change them to fit our lives.

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