Dollars & Sense, Page 6

Federal Reserve Monetary Policy

September 01st, 2017

Over the better part of the last decade, central banks across the world enacted ultra-accommodative policies to combat the lingering effects of the Great Recession.

A Few Things We’re Watching

August 01st, 2017

Getting a handle on the current state, and most likely future path, of the global economy can be a tall order.

Where’s Dad’s Password List?

June 19th, 2017

One important new aspect of estate planning concerns “digital assets,” a form of property that only recently has come into existence. Simply stated, digital assets are electronic ones and zeros; that is, information inscribed on a tangible medium or stored in an electronic or other medium and which is retrievable in perceivable form.

Retirement Tax Trap

March 01st, 2017

What impact will changing residency have on my taxes?

New Perspectives on Revocable Living Trusts

February 12th, 2017

One of the most useful and flexible wealth management tools is the revocable living trust. Traditionally, we like to point to three basic benefits that these trusts offer.

Think Hard Before Tapping Your 401(k) Balance

January 12th, 2016

One of the features that make 401(k) plans so attractive is that your money is not completely out of reach should an emergency need arise.

Risks of Amateur Trustees

February 25th, 2015

More and more affluent families are turning to trust-based solutions for their wealth management and inheritance problems. However, a trust is only as good as its trustee.