4 Money-Saving Vacation Tips

March 20, 2020

Whether your ideal vacation is lounging poolside, climbing a mountain or touring historical sites, there are ways to save. Here are some of our best money-saving travel tips.

1. Plan with online tools

Before you buy plane tickets or make hotel reservations, check out online comparison tools and travel websites. Coupons and discounts are often readily available – especially for last-minute travelers. If you book by phone, ask the desk agent to beat the online rate.

2. Be strategic when planning meals

Lunches are often 30 percent cheaper than the same entrées on a dinner menu, so hit the popular places in the afternoons. Also, stock up on snack foods before you leave home versus buying them on-the-go in expensive tourist areas.

3. Travel off-season

If possible, travel just before or after your destination’s peak season. Prices are lower and crowds are smaller, making for a more enjoyable vacation!

4. Use your credit card

While charging a full vacation to your credit card can be unwise, using your credit card to pay for flights, gas, and on-the-go snacks that you've budgeted for can be safer, protect your purchases, and earn you rewards points.

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