Person to Person Payments

Pay anyone, anytime!

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Need to split the lunch tab or pay your pal for a ticket to the game? No Problem! Send money easily, quickly and safely to anyone, anytime! Person to Person (P2P) payments allow you to conveniently send and receive money electronically using online or mobile banking.

How to Pay a Person

Online Banking

View the “How to pay a person” Video.

Mobile Banking

To make a Person to Person payment, login to the Heartland Bank Mobile App and navigate to the Bill Pay section.

Step 1 – Add a payee*

  • Select Manage Payees
  • Select Add a Payee
  • Choose Pay a Person
  • Select how you want to pay them (Email, Direct Deposit, or Check)
    • Email – The person will receive an email with directions on accepting the payment.
    • Direct Deposit – You will need to enter the payee’s bank account and routing number.
    • Check – This option will send a physical check to the payee.
  • Enter Payee information
  • Enter keyword the Payee will use to accept the payment (This only applicable with the Email option. You will need to notify the Payee of this keyword)

Step 2 – Activate a payee*

  • Select Manage Payees
  • Select Activate a Payee
  • Choose payee to activate
  • Choose an activation option (where the activation code will be sent)
    • Phone for text activation
    • Email for email activation
  • Check email or text for activation code and enter it into the prompt

* Steps 1 & 2 will not be required for future payments to the same Payee.

Step 3 – Pay a Person

  • Select One Time Payement
  • Select your Payee from the Payee list
  • Select the account you would like to use for this transaction
  • Enter amount
  • Select payment date