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Women and Money

One enduring theme of the last half-century is that stereotypes about “women’s work” and “men’s work” generally are unproductive. The sexes have equal intellectual capacities, and associating gender with occupation is particularly unhelpful, both for individuals seeking to make the most of their talents and for society at large.

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Why Your Family May Need a Corporate Fiduciary

The fiduciary standard is the highest standard of care recognized by the law. A salesman is under no obligation to determine that his product is appropriate for a buyer, or that the buyer can afford it, or that the purchase is in the best interests of the buyer. A fiduciary does have those obligations and more.

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Five Traps for Amateur Trustees

An item in Barron’s a few years ago by Lauren Foster demonstrates that being a trustee may be harder than some people expect. Foster’s observations are must reading for anyone who expects to be a trustee, or who has nominated a family member to serve as a fiduciary.

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IRS Announces 2014 Retirement Plan Limits

To make it possible for voluntary retirement savings to keep up with inflation, the various numerical limits embedded within qualified retirement plans are indexed for inflation.

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Chasing Yield

An offer of a 25% return in one year should set off alarm bells for most investors. Offers that downplay the risk of loss should also.

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Financial Management for Single Seniors

Facts of life: Most retirees will be single for some period of time, and most of those singles will be women.

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Inherited IRAs

If you are a beneficiary of an estate that includes an IRA, we have two words for you: It’s complicated.

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How do I Choose the Right Trustee?

Trust-based wealth management plans are growing in popularity. According to one recent survey, more than half of families whose wealth exceeds $5 million already employ a trust for asset
management. More than a third of families whose wealth falls into the $1 million to $5 million range have a trust.

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Trusts for Special Needs

Parents and grandparents of a child with a lifelong disability, such as autism, have a special estate planning challenge. On the one hand, they want to provide the financial support that the child never may be able to provide for himself or herself. On the other hand, they want to protect the child’s eligibility for the full range of government support programs, including health care.

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