Estate Planning

None of us expect to be gone tomorrow but planning for the unexpected will give peace of mind.

It is important to set up an Estate Plan well before it is needed. Heartland Bank and Trust Company's Asset Management & Trust Services Department has the expertise and tools to assist you with your Estate Plan.

Our Asset Management & Trust Services Department would be pleased to be a part of your Estate Planning solution.

There are basic steps to take to provide direction for your assets and to carry out your wishes. The simplest plan is to have a Last Will and Testament. It is important to know terms used in estate administration.

Last Will and Testament

A Will is a written legal document that directs what will happen to property at death. It can be revoked or changed by executing a codicil. Heartland Bank and Trust Company can be named as Executor under the terms of your Will.


An individual appointed by the court to care for the property or the person of a minor. Where there are minor children involved, it is important to name a guardian for them in your Will.


An individual or a trust institution nominated in a Will and appointed by the court to settle an estate.


An individual appointed by the court to settle the estate of a person who has died without a valid Will. Without a Will, the state laws will determine who will receive your property.


Probate is the legal process used to present a Will to the court for appointment of the executor. This is the first step in settling an estate.

Pour-over Will

This is a type of Will that transfers property over to an existing trust account. It works hand in hand with the trust account to get all assets consolidated into the trust.

Heartland Bank and Trust Company's Asset Management & Trust Services Department is well suited to serve as Executor of your Estate. Our staff has many years of experience in settling estates. Contact us today for information on ways we can assist you to meet your Estate Planning goals.

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